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our clays

exclusively out of Westerwald clay mines 

red clay - the traditional choice, since 100 years! A mixture of red firing Westerwald clays and loams. Together they give the characteristical red shining appearance.
antique - our definition of "mediterranean flair" in your garden. We achieve this by blending creme- und red firing clays from Westerwald quarries, combined with a mineral substance that causes natural efflorecening
light clay- marbled - Successful since 10 years. Here we use light firing clay recepies.
Red clay is just a small but important componenr of that blend. While forming the pot the ceramic mass mixes with a whitish mineral suspension. This is how it gets its individual, marbled appearance. 

  • In order to keep the containers neat we recommend them to be waterproofed by suitable agents. Available in garden centers and DIY stores.
umbra - a darkly colored clay mixture, based on antique. Perfect for outdoor use, natural stone or wooden pavements. Amazing how umbra promotes the plant it hosts.
Please note: only rectangular items like boxes or the square pots are manufactured in this unique, earthy clay color.
basalt - the sequel of umbra for all round containers. An elegant look is achieved by adding an anthracite colored marbeling. These containers are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

  • As umbra and basalt are based on antique, efflorences are an important part of the article's look. Efflorences are no  product defects.
  • depending on the processing and combination of clays the color of umbra/basalt  may vary from darker to light as well as from brownish to dark grey. Pure individualism.

If you want to learn more about clay as a raw material, click on this link of  Arbeitsgemeinschaft Westerwald-Ton eG. There you'll find under "Tonleiter" many interesting facts and basics about Westerwald clays (in German only).