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from our company 

*Ceramano* - our new brands

After a very successful start we steadily focus on further building up our powdercoated indoor-assortment. This is done on modern coating machines under the brand name *CERAMANO* colors.

Waterproofed Indoor Containers are found under the name *CERAMANO* waterproof. After treatment with a water repellend suspension the natural beauty of the ceramic surface remains permanently. Efflorences and stains have no chance to spoil the perfect look.

As one can have both indoor and outdoor from one supplier this means a great advantage to the customer!

New UV-resistant powder coatings for outdoor use are in our program as well as the very attractive finish LIZARD, available in many colours.

*CERAMANO* colors and *CERAMANO* waterproof are registered brands of Westerwälder Blumentopf-Fabrik Spang GmbH & Co. KG.